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For more than three years Canfield Crescent Limited Partnership has been pursuing a development application for 3155/3175 Canfield Crescent in Edgemont Village. The project will gently transition from two end-of-life single-family homes to four modern duplexes, welcoming a new generation of homeowners and residents.

The site is located at the corner of Highlands and Woodbine between the Village Core and Residential area. Each home has three bedrooms, two underground parking spots, a spacious rooftop deck, an outdoor dining space and below grade storage. The project will adhere to Step Code 3 of B.C.’s building code and is committed to building fossil-fuel free homes that appeal to people of all ages and stages of life.

The project will provide much-needed road upgrades including a one-way street for Canfield, new bike lanes and the addition of a sidewalk along Woodbine Avenue, which is part of the official route to Highland Elementary School. New pedestrian street lighting will replace aging overhead power lines, improving visibility and safety around the site. Public realm improvements include integrated seating on Woodbine and Highlands, vertical landscaping on all three frontages and an open landscaped courtyard.

The project is unanimously supported by all five adjacent residents on Canfield Crescent who have participated in the development of the design. The project has the full support of the Edgemont Upper Capilano Community Association Executive, many of whom helped develop the 2014 Edgemont Village Design Guidelines. The project will be presented to council in September 2020, following the release of the Targeted OCP Review Draft, which strongly recommends building more housing across the North Shore to meet homebuyer’s demands and free up much needed rental housing stock. Please help the project move forward by completing a short survey below and sending a letter of support to Mayor Mike Little and Council. 


All letters will be emailed to Mayor Mike Little, Councillor Jim Hansen, Councillor Lisa Muri, Councillor Betty Forbes, Councillor Meg Curren, Councillor Jordan Back, and Councillor Mathew Bond​.

Send A Letter of Support to Mayor Little and Council by filling out the contact form below.

Subject: Support for I4PG Development’s Edgemont Village Project at Canfield

Dear Mayor Little and Councillors,

I am writing in support of the proposed 8-unit townhome development at 3155/3175 Canfield Crescent. This project was first brought forward in December 2019, when council voted to defer consideration of the project until after the targeted OCP review. Due to Covid-19 that targeted review has been delayed indefinitely, but the published draft strongly recommends building more housing of all types to balance the supply and demand cycle.

As you know the district is experiencing a crisis of escalating housing costs and limited supply, which is driving people off the shore. This is particularly true for young families who require housing with 2 or more bedrooms yet cannot afford a single-family home in Edgemont, where they have grown up, have access to great schools, and a commercial core they can walk to, rather than drive. Older homes in EV need costly upgrades and cannot meet council’s energy efficiency targets. Newly constructed homes in EV start at $3 million dollars. This project will be built to Step Code 3, fossil-fuel free and provide long-term and sustainable housing for our aging parents and growing families, many of whom grew up on the North Shore and have been driven out by escalating housing costs. 

It should be noted that this project has the unanimous support of all 5 adjacent neighbors, provides more than $750,000 in off-site improvements, and $500,000 in district fees which can be used for affordable housing and rental projects. The developer is proposing a traffic management plan that does not require any road closures and includes reserved parking for all trades.

Mayor and Council, you have said ‘we do not need more housing for the rich’. The only alternative for this site is two massive single-family homes, which the existing zoning allows. I ask you to support reviewing this project again and advance it to a Public Hearing as soon as possible.

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