Since 2002 I4 Property Group and its predecessor TiGERi Properties Group have acquired or developed more than $123 million dollarsĀ in real estate in partnership with individual and corporate partners from Quebec to British Columbia. We target both existing revenue producing buildings based on their location, histories of good tenant performance, probability of tenant renewal or replacement for comparable or higher rents, and potential for cash flow growth, capital appreciation and high overall rate of return, and well located land in mostly established neighbourhoods for the development of multifamily, mixed use and commercial projects. I4 Property Group has a proactive approach to management issues and problem solving, both on the acquisition and development sides of its business, utilizing its teams of experienced designers, marketing specialists, real estate and financing broker/consultants, and accounting professionals.

Properties are typically acquired in limited partnerships using a combination of mortgage financing and capital. Limited partners are commonly entitled to all or substantially all annual cash flow, plus 50%-65% of surplus on disposition after debt retirement and return of capital, with a preferred return of between 6% and 8% compounded annually on paid in capital before any distribution of surplus to the general partner. While units of partnership interest are usually based on $1,000 per partnership unit, where partnerships acquire more than one property over a period of time adjustments are made to the price of subsequently acquired units to recognize changes in the value of partnership assets over time.